Don Joseph DeSeranno


When Don Joseph DeSeranno founded DeSERANNO Wealth Planning in 1999, he was driven by a passion to create a financial services firm that is free from investor selling pressure and offers clients unbiased and financially responsible advice. Don’s vision led to the founding of DeSERANNO Wealth Planning, a company solidified by maintaining the fiduciary standard, which requires DeSERANNO to put clients’ best interests ahead of its own.

Don’s primary responsibilities as President of DeSERANNO include development of the vision, mission and general strategy of the company, and ensuring their implementation. Before founding DeSERANNO, Don built a loyal following of clients as a financial advisor with traditional brokerage firm Morgan Stanley, formerly Dean Witter Reynolds. Don earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Finance from Miami University while interning at Merrill Lynch.

In addition, Don established and serves as a board member of the DeSeranno Charitable Foundation, a non-profit organization benefiting a wide variety of local charities and causes.