What We Do

DeSERANNO Wealth Planning specializes in Financial Life Planning for individuals and families. Our clients represent a wide variety of ages, stages and lifestyles. They include young professionals, working parents, business owners, single parents, empty nesters, divorcées, retirees and widows. We also provide financial advice for non-profit organizations and other institutions.

We work with our clients to address the financial issues that keep them up at night — and to chart a clear course to financial security. We help clients answer questions such as:

  • “Do we have enough to sustain our current lifestyle?”
  • “How should I be saving to send our kids to college?”
  • “Should I sell my business?”
  • “Do we need more life insurance, or do we have too much?”
  • “Should I accept my employer’s early retirement offer?”
  • “What should I do to protect my portfolio from another market crash?”
  • “Am I paying more in taxes than I should?”
  • “How can I possibly handle financial matters that my spouse used to take care of?”
  • “How will I have enough money to realize my retirement dreams?”
  • “How much am I actually paying for financial services?”
  • “Is it time to redo my will?”
  • “How can I ensure that I leave a legacy for my loved ones and favorite charities?”

Financial Life Planning focuses on each client’s unique needs

We address such issues within the context of Financial Life Planning, an ongoing, comprehensive process that begins with a series of discussions with each client. Through these discussions, we gain a clear and detailed understanding of each client’s financial history, lifestyle, values, priorities, fears, goals and dreams. We then customize a financial plan that addresses the client’s unique attitudes, circumstances, needs and objectives. This comprehensive plan includes strategies and recommendations for all aspects of a client’s financial life, such as:

  • Budget planning
  • Cash flow and savings strategies
  • Tax planning
  • Education funding
  • Risk management and insurance
  • Debt reduction strategies
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Portfolio planning

We discuss the plan with the client and revise it based on the client’s feedback. Once the client is comfortable with the plan, we proceed with implementation.

Our proactive philosophy keeps clients financially fit

For many clients, we function from this point forward as their chief financial officer, coordinating their financial affairs with their accountant, attorney and banker. On an ongoing basis, we also monitor and manage their investments, exercising discretionary authority to rebalance their portfolios when necessary to stay on track toward their plan’s objectives.

We take a proactive approach with clients to remind them of steps they must take to stay financially fit. We meet with clients as often as necessary and at least once a year to review progress toward their financial goals, to discuss any changes in their lives, and to adjust their goals – and their financial plan — to reflect these changes. We also are available to consult with clients whenever questions or concerns arise.

With DeSERANNO Wealth Planning overseeing their financial affairs from “the big picture” perspective, our clients can focus on their families, their businesses and life’s little pleasures, without laying awake at night worrying about the future.

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