Our Advantage

Choosing a financial adviser is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. It will shape your future, playing a huge role in your ability to live every day to the fullest and to realize your dreams. Why choose DeSERANNO Wealth Planning for this vital role?

We are on your side. We are not salespeople. We are financial planners and advisers. We don’t work for somebody else, only for our clients. We have no agendas or products to sell, only advice. We do not receive commissions or third-party payments of any kind. Our clients pay us a mutually agreeable, fully transparent retainer fee, placing us on their side of the table, without bias and free of conflicts of interest. When we advise our clients, we do so not because we will benefit, but because we believe the advice will help our clients reach their goals.

We are independent. We offer an unlimited array of financial solutions, because we are not obligated to sell the products of any particular company and because we sell no products of our own. This “open architecture” approach allows us to connect clients with the right financial solutions, whatever and wherever they might be.

We provide comprehensive, ongoing services. When you choose DeSERANNO, you tap into the power of Financial Life Planning, a customized process that involves far more than just money management. It focuses on goal attainment, taking into account your values, priorities, attitudes, financial circumstances, and long-term objectives. It encompasses all aspects of your financial life, such as tax planning, education planning, retirement planning and estate planning. It’s also a dynamic process that allows your financial plan to evolve as changes occur in your life.

We are experienced and resourceful. We have been serving clients since 1999 with experienced advisors who have earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation, the gold standard for the industry. We use sophisticated planning tools, such as modeling software that allows us to present a variety of “What if?” scenarios as we develop customized financial plans for clients. We have access to a vast amount of investment research from a wide variety of resources, including The Charles Schwab Corporation, a custodian for many of our clients’ investment accounts.

We are realistic. We are not prophets. We cannot consistently predict market upswings or downturns. We do not fixate on investment performance. And we do not engage in market timing or day trading. Rather, we focus on controlling what we can control, choosing an asset allocation that suits each client’s needs and goals, and minimizing investment expenses. We encourage clients to have realistic expectations and to avoid knee-jerk reactions during periods of market volatility.

We keep it simple. Although we offer clients access to a world of investments, we believe in keeping things simple. We cut through the clutter of investment alternatives on clients’ behalf, selecting low-cost mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and other securities with strong track records. We seek out investments with transparent fee structures for our clients, and we bypass investments with hidden fees. We also avoid jargon when communicating with our clients about investment alternatives, making sure they clearly understand their choices.

We take care of things for you. We not only will develop your financial plan, but we also will implement and monitor it. We will handle the nitty-gritty of establishing and managing your investment accounts and coordinating your financial affairs with your accountant, attorney and other financial professionals. This service is particularly valuable for widows and divorcées.

We build lifelong client relationships. Because we focus on helping clients attain their life goals, and not on individual financial transactions, we get to know our clients well. Compared with traditional investment management firms, we spend more time with our clients, ask more questions, and listen closely to their answers. This approach enables us to develop highly customized financial plans and to build lifelong client relationships.

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